About Krooked Tease

Irish Animation Studio

In 2015 we started a small project making various t-shirt designs and stickers, selling our merch in shops, online and at markets. As we slowly grew so did the passion to create an animation series using the characters from the t-shirts. And so, for the following 2 years our Founder and Head Animator, Jake O’Connor, whilst travelling New Zealand and South America began working on some short clips of various characters.

Our first installment, 2 D’s on a Tree, was released on the 1st of December, 2017, which recieved a great response. https://youtu.be/ztybVxNFALE

This was followed by a number of other short episodes, introducing a variety of characters. Our online series is available on our YouTube channel and from our website, which will continue to grow and keep you topped up with new material! Our latest installment GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE has truly given us the center stage here in our hometown, Limerick, giving us huge recognition.

We are overwhelmed with where Krooked Tease has taken us as we have just set up a studio space in the city, being Limerick’s first ever animation studio. We have already commenced work on a pilot episode for a full length series.

Meet the team

Jake O'Connor

Co. Founder, Creative Director
Head Animator, Writer

Jake has worked as Art Director, Storyboarder, Animator and Illustrator on a range of projects from Freelance to our own creations. Along with writing scripts and coming up with the concepts in the show.

Ian Brew

Creative Writer
Voice Actor

Ian has been writing ideas for movies and shows for many years. His love for voice acting and writing comedy had brought him to stand up comedy and now creative writing here at Krooked Tease.