Krooked Tease is an Irish animation and production company, creating our own unique projects with a ‘krooked’ sense of humour and style! Our dream goal is to greenlight our original animated TV series with the aim of getting picked up by streaming platforms, if you want to learn more about this please get in touch! We are currently working on the pilot episode & pitch and are looking for production interest. 

Apart from our animation we produce film productions, for short films to comedy sketches, with the hopes for potential feature films in the future. A number of our shorts films have been officially selected for numerous global film festivals, including; ‘The Holy Flex’, ‘Goat’s Cheese Salad’ and ‘Qu’est Que C’est’. Check them out on our Production Page! We are constantly working and writing our next projects, so keep a look out!


“Two priest roam the Parish gardens flexing on one another’s Holiness. How many reps of the ‘Our Father’ can you do?”


Two leaves, Gary and Barry, learn about Autumn, or as they called in America.. Fall!

The Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Movie

Our design of Jay & Silent Bob as Krooked Tease characters got used in Kevin Smith’s movie ‘Jay & Silent Bob Reboot’. We were super stoked to find out the news as Kevin Smith is and always will be a massive inspiration to us! For sure Jay & Silent Bob have shaped our sense of humour and love of stoner comedy.
You can buy merch with our design here!

More From Krooked Tease Productions

We love film just as much as we love animation! We have some short films and productions in the pipeline, a dream of our would be to create our own comedy sketch show, which we are working on piecing together a pilot for pitches. You can find more production work here!

Design Work for Clients

Here are some examples of our design work for our many clients. Animation, motion design, branding, advertising campaigns, website design services, SEO analytics and performance. Find more here!