Unquestionably, animation is what we live by here at Krooked Tease. It’s what started off this whole journey, and undeniably, a journey it has been! Our main focus has been the development of our own animation pilot episode pitch, hopefully leading us toward the creation of our very own TV series. Even though there is still much to do with the over all production of our pilot, we have been kept busy with other animation projects for a number of clients along with creating some fun animated shorts, as can be seen below.  


An animated music video we made for Hazey Haze, rapper from Limerick, Ireland. Bainne agus Mil is the title track for Milk and Honey, a mixtape made up of songs Haze & Danny Lanham produced together since the release of Epitome. Listen to the Mix Tape here!

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FALL PT. 1 & 2

Two leaves, Gary and Barry, learn about Autumn, or as they called in America.. Fall! 
Fall pt. 2 is the aftermath.. 


The creation of this mini series really opened up the world of Krooked Tease. These animated shorts helped us build the concept and characters that we have developed for our TV series. Additionally, the animated reggae singalong ‘Get Off Your High Horse’ was used to promote a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, which in fact, helped incredibly with the creation of the pilot episode. As a result, we were able to pay for professional voice-over production, as well as hiring fantastic voice actors, and so much more.
To learn more about our TV series pitch, get in touch!


Creative design & animation for Amunì Travel Forum. Initially, we created an animated campaign for the brand to illustrate a sense of happiness and love for travel.  We completely reinventing the look and feel, and as a result, we feel we created something playful and unique. In addition, there is the potential to create an animated informative series for YouTube, keep an eye of Amunì for more info!

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This was a branding project for ‘The Sauce’, the project entailed, logo design, character design and an animation intro for a Youtube Channel, as shown below. The Sauce Youtube Channel has been inactive as of late but can be found here: 
The Sauce YouTube

We are continuously working with clients producing awesome designs and animations.
So, if you’re interested in getting some animation work done by us, get in Touch!